Wednesday, February 01, 2006

da disappearance...

well, it's not really related to the title. actually...i didn't even disappear. there's a good reason fo this. my broadband got suspended. hAH! for not paying the bills of course. as u can probably guessed by now, most of the money allocated for bills are spent on new year clothes. no more guessing.. what else can it be other than that. rite rite? haha.... the reason why i get to blab in my blog this very minute is also because i'm using my uncle's account.

anyway, today is the 3rd day of new year.'s past 12 am, i consider it the 4th day already. this year's chinese new year has been a boring one. firstly, there's no 'suasana meriah' like how it used to be few years back. we don't hear lion dance and all those firecrackers anymore. we don't see many kids running around in red frilly dress and red t-shirts too. it doesn't really feel like it's CNY now. hehe, well only the ang powS seems to be the obvious thing now. maybe it's because i've grown out of all those stuff... that i don't enjoy CNy as much as last time when i grow up. or it's just the fact that CNy IS getting boring.

honestly, i felt really old right now. i mean...look, i'm going to be 20 soon. it's a big T-W-O in front. i'm not in my 'TEENS' anymore. sad.... now i wish i'm few years younger where things were much simpler... with freedom of course. on the contrary, i know i'm going to enjoy the freedom and liberty that i know i'm going to get. i can already feel them...i'm gaining my freedom really slowly. but yes, it's very near...hMMm... sweet freedom.

five days had passed without him. and 5 more days to go. we called one another every single day, at least 3 times a day just to check how the other person is doing. of course there's nothing to talk about... all he did there was to eat, sleep and watch tv. that slob... but by talking crap with him as well as hearing his voice makes me feel much better. i barely able to pass a week without seeing him. tell me how is it possible to be far from him for 6 months for work reasons? anyway, talking bout slob...i'm not any better myself. i spent most of my days sleeping and going out too. my butt's really itchy these days... because i didn't go out at night and so often anymore. i get tired really early and i sleep early. CNY is the good way to train myself to sleep early. and the only person i'm hanging out with the past few days is kah mun. she's a KL girl.. and she's as bored as me. and her bf is not in Kl too.

we ate baskin robbins in bangsar yesterday and then went yamcha and lunch in wong kok, oug. the weather? i'm telling you, it's super killing... the sunshine is scotching hot and 5 minutes under the sun, i guarantee u get dizzy and faint after another 10 minutes. i wonder why is it so hot and bright everytime it's CNY?

i wonder if astrological signs can be believed? horoscopes and predictions?

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