Friday, May 05, 2006

the 5th day of my holiday... what i did last few days, i can't really remember. it's all a mess of Wong Kok, Halo Cafe, Steven's Corner and Mid Valley because that's what all i've been doing last few days. and i did that EVERY day. i drank limau ais, yin yong, green apple green tea, heineken again and again, repeatedly. I'e been doing all the same stuffs, no wonder i can't remember what i did. i messed them up. shIt. what else can be worse?

oh, did i mentioned that i only wake up after 12 pm everyday? hmmm. i passed through half of today feeling so numb and blur. i remember waking up and falling asleep a number of times. my right eye is now swollen like a bulging bull's eye. it's raining heavily outside and i'm just blasting the music at home. my modem won't get fried, no worries. i'm starting to crap bullshit online because i don't know who to tell them to and even if they want, i don't think they can tolerate my bloody annoying voice right now. i'm feeling kile crap. when is it that i'm going to be able to do something proper and useful for holidays?

talking bout that reminds me of tomorrow and the day after that. hell.
have to do some stupid rice cooker for Philips for work tomorrow. cooking some sort of chicken rice. argHhh... me and jamie haven't even go get the ingredients yet. the two of us 'si-lai's' are so going to rock in philips t-shirt tomorrow. mUAhahahZ. i'm brain-dead.

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