Tuesday, May 30, 2006

losing trust

it happened to me and i felt that it might just be the worse thing that can happen to you on earth, other than Armageddon. all this while i've tried really hard to make him trust me and believe me, but i was able to destroy the trust that i build over the months with just one lie. although there really wasn't any harm done behind the lie, suspicion now exists between us. we always look for ways to confirm the truth no matter what the other person says... seeing becomes believing and words are no more than a meaningless grumble.

just after one incident and a few discussions that follows, things were never the same again. one became sensitive and is always suspicious, making him take drastic lengths to find out whether he was being told the truth. the other person becomes very afraid and gets the feeling she's being checked upon most of the time.

there were great disappointment when she was telling nothing but the truth and yet he still wants to check on her to prove it. that alreadys shows how much trust has evaporated since the last few weeks. on the other hand, she couldn't trust him when he says he just want to see her while she's out with her friends... because she could sense that he wants to check on her.

can't life goes on without too much of a drama?


simply me, Jason said...

shld never ever lie to your partner..
even if its something you're hiding that might hurt him/her...
its best to just be honest all the way because a relationship is about trust. I had an argument because of this, not because we lied to either one, but its just lack of trust and doubting the other person. The outcome is just to trust each other whole heartedly.. my suggestion is you question your boyfriend "are you doubting me? because a relationship cannot go on without trust."... see what he has to say

+sammy+ said...

Let's just say... i kinda asked that question. and the answer i got was, he's trusting me on one half and doubting me on the other half.