Saturday, May 20, 2006

miss Chammy a.k.a sexaylaydee has already complained bout my 'dead' blog. hmmmph... maybe the next time i plan to take a break from blogging, i'll put up a notice like what jamie did.

let's start back from last week. i was pretty busy enjoying myself. though what i do everyday was almost the same, it was entertaining none the less. and i was barely at home until my dad has to throw tantrums and threaten to dis-own me. and my mum nagged till i go crazy. alright, so the past 2 days i'm home at night and that's another reason why i'm blogging today.

last week: it was more of a road-trip week. i went to two states on two separate days and came back on the same day. i went to Port Dickson and got myself a ugly tan. that day was the first day i really felt like, "hey, this is what i call holiday!". you know, going somewhere further; to places you barely go just to chill out. so yeah, i did 'chill' there minus the sun of course. my shoulders are dark and i have 4 fairer stripes on them. bikini and spaghetti strap. how coOl is that??! EhErm... guess Not. On Saturday, it's IPOH. One of my bf's colleague is going to get married... and so we went to attend their wedding dinner. Because we left quite late, my bf had to speed up and drove like a maniac. we had no choice, we were following his friend's car and he... drove like a tasmanian devil with no brakes. lucky me, we made it there and came back alive. that day i was so tired i had to sleep in the car and my poor bf had to drive while i sleep...

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