Saturday, May 20, 2006

the selfish me

life has been very different the past few weeks. in such a short time, many things have happened and many have changed.

i can't say whether it is entirely a good thing or a bad thing but all i can say is i'm still trying to get used to how things are going right now. need to adapt to the new environment.

what has happened most probably is my fault. i led it to this road and made things become the way it is right now. it has gone too far for me to turn back. i can't navigate it to the alternative way either. the funny thing is, i didn't even regret on what i did.

instead, i feel that all these made me realise what type of person i am. how much damage or good i can do with just one simple step. to have the ability to change so many things affecting not only myself but a few more other people.

on the other hand, i came to know that people have the potential to change themselves when they come into a desperate stage. even the most stubborn person who believes he is right will change his mind-settings just because of one incident that i've caused.

the only solution now is to follow the flow. i have no other options. maybe i have; but i can't do it neither have the courage to think about doing it. i want to choose the most righteous way as a human being. however, we cannot deny that humans are selfish. i just want what's good for me and what i want. others do not matter.

yes... i AM SELFISH. i'm just a normal human being. don't tell me what is right and what's wrong because when it comes to this matter i don't see how a happy moment can lead to the wrong path. being happy doesn't mean it's right but it can't possibly be wrong either.

i have made the decision to take this path and i will follow it till i see the end. other than that, i guess nothing will make me change my mind.

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esther said...

hey...y la u sounded so serious. chill girl. made me worried. we must find a day n chat k. always do things dat u wont regret(i noe u can do this)n CHILL k!