Wednesday, May 03, 2006

PANIC!!! omg... what happened to my blog's banner? da butterfly/bird/rainbow like thing... sigh. shitz... it's probably been removed from the web. well, i'll reserve a day or two to sit at home and start looking for new template.sad, i forgot all bout html already. have to start from the scratch.

i'm so so bored at home after the holidays started. as usual right? when you have classes, assignments, exams; you'll want holiday. but when i have holiday, i want plans. plANS. PLANS. i ain't getting any nice holidays proposals so far. just rotting my arse away and yam cha everyday. i'm just so predictable. wake up at 1 pm. called or be-called by kah mun, jamie, hor yan and the rest. it's time to go yam cha/ lunch. and it's forever in Citrus Park. somewhere between 4-7 i'll be in Wong Kok and from 7-11 pm i'll be in Halo Cafe, which happens to be only few steps away from Wong Kok. those people who work there laugh when they saw us going again and again. Now i know where my money goes and why i'm jsut so broke.

it's so sad, that i'm only seeing the same few people for the past few weeks. i can count them with my two bare hands.ironic. i wanna meet up with the rest... such as Kit Yee, Wai Yin, Esther... and my bRo'z and Gang. Also John Tan the lost soul who can't be reached these days. JasOn Aw Eng kUon, who's all about girlfriend and no buddies. eDwin and the rest of the SAM gang whom i haven't met for a long time... and edwin said he's going to go stevens again? Mun Mun, yinG yoong, Lauren, azaria and the whole group... some which i saw a few times already and some who remains lost e.g. Lauren. lots lots mroe..i can't recall right now. but for those who i've called up lar alright?

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simply me, Jason said...

aik... i kena marah >< me cant go yumcha cos busy with assignments la.. but dont worry my hoidays coming, i sure do wanna catch up with you