Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Fabulous Sabah (in short)

I am back from Sabah!!

The trip was fabulous. I see many differences between East and West Malaysia.

Even the dogs and cats there look different! I'm serious,they have longer and sharp-thin face. Did i mentioned they look fit?

The food there are expensive. One bowl of noodles minimum RM 5, and most of them cost between RM6-Rm9.

The people there speak Malay with a different slang.

Almost half the cars there are 4-wheel drive or trucks.

I see more than 10 turtles around Sipadan island and they're everywhere! On the ocean of course... It was weird cos there's only 4 of us snorkelling, the rest are Mat Sallehs who go diving.

In Semporna, 4 of us we're like weirdos cos everyone in our hotel are whites. I guess we're the 'guai loh' there, not them.

The sea and islands there are beautiful as heaven, clear water, various fishies, lotsa sharks and turtles and abundance of undisturbed corals!

Mount Kinabalu was friggin cold, even colder than Genting. duh. And the air are so fresh, my nasal problem almost didn't exists for a few days there.

ok enough said, i'm gonna upload the pics right after i get them from my friend!

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