Sunday, May 25, 2008

Splurging on food..on poor days!

I accompanied Jamie to Pyramid yesterday, she needed to get some stuff.

And i spent RM 50 yesterday. *sobs*

We had our so called 'lunch' at 4pm in Fig & Olive. The food is good, and sandwich was better. The claim by Jamie is proven true. I spent RM 28.

Then as we were walking around, we passed by BodyShop which was having sale. Being a true girl, I can't resist it when there's a bunch of people cramped inside and it said 'SALE' on it's glass window. SO i got myself a potpourri (it's really pretty) which originally costs RM 25. They have 50% off and another additional 10% off if you flash you Maybank ATM card. SO it's only RM 11 at the end.

Don't you just love those lil' balls with the potpourri?
This is only half the box.. so cheap eh?! *grins*

We continued walking around and around, and Jamie being indecisive made us walk around more. I told her i was thirsty for talking non-stop (and laming non-stop), so we stopped by at Toast Box for tea at 6pm. Thats bout RM 8.

We then meet up with Suet Li and headed to the Langat Hill to yamcha. It's a cooling place, something similar to Genting, just not as cold. Yam cha at Gasoline and then used another RM 9.

It was fun getting lost on the way there... as usual lar. We always ended up lost if we're together. I don't understand why. Haha.. it must be Jamie-factor.

i counted again and realised i spent more than RM 50. No wonder i'm broke.

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