Wednesday, May 21, 2008

It's almost the end

I don't know whether to say it's a happy thing or something i should grieve over. I guess it's both.

My slacker holidays are almost at the end. *sobs*

No more yam chaing anytime of the day i like.
No more mahjong-ing when i feel like it.
No more calling friends out in the afternoon and waste off the day.
No more shopping at the hours where it's easy to find carpark.
No more going/planning on last minute trips.
No more lying on the bed and act like a sick person.
No more wasting my time playing with my beloved puppy.
No more surfing online and browsing other people's blog till i fell asleep.

Ok... in short, no more alot of slacker stuff!

On the other hand, i should be hapy since i will not need to worry about being jobless.
No need to worry about ending up in the kind of jobes i dislike just because i had to work.
No need to hear my parents continuously asking me "Have u found a job?"

I am officially an Executive Brand Management in Naga DDB starting June.
The lady said i was hired because she and her colleague think i'm different from the rest and they have confidence in me.
And i had the feeling of 'bangga' (proud) for a few days cos they said they don't usually hire fresh grads, and they prefer experienced ppl since they are an international company.

But i was an exception.

Now that the proudness wore off, i feel reluctant to work. *sigh*

One has to make a living once it's time isn't it?

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simply me, Jason said...

Naga DDB? Congratz =)