Monday, May 12, 2008

Jungle walk + Hot pool

The morning market in KK. They sell alot of salted fish and dried stuff there...But trust me, they're alot cleaner than the morning market in KL.
We then headed to Mount Kinabalu and stayed on one of the resorts there... Our activity for that day was going to Poring where it has hot spring and treetop canopy walkway. The guys assure us that the hot spring water makes the skin smoother. (yea right)

On the way to the treetop canopy walkway, we passed by the public pool that is filled with men in swimming trunk!

Mr. Pow loves pictures taken naturally, so he tooked this. I looked semangat isn't it? Actually that time i'm almost out of breath and my lungs are burning so i choose to run up the last bit to shorten the pain.

Pose a bit first before we cross the treetop canopy walkway which is rather long...

In the fish pond... oops, i mean hot pool. It does look like a fish pond eh? THis is the private pool, water claimed to be channeled from hot spring. Only RM15 an hour, can fit 4 pax. Alternatively, use the public pool, FOC, but with viewers passing by.

FInally done with everything, we're on the way back to hotel. Me, steph, Christine and Yi Bei (clockwise).

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