Tuesday, February 21, 2006


i can't belive i'm not the same person i used to be. i can't breathe properly and i can feel my lungs constricting...and i choke and die. yeah u get what i mean... it's that serious alright. i still thought i can be so carefree and be the same sammy i was since i was born. i am sO sO WrOnG this time. i cannot delay much of my assignments/projects/work anymore. everything has to be done at that instant and no delays.

damn... God suddenly have an evil way to make me suffer and this way could be the best ever. i'm so far behind schedule; plus the loads of work never stop piling up. another one is added into the list before i can finish with any.

nOW onwards, i shall cut down on sleep, less yam cha sessions... less pak-tor sessions. more time spent in the library or computer lab. BECAUSE i have THREE presentation, FOUR written assignments, TWO small tests and SEVEn centrimetres thick of readings up mY arse!

PLus... i'm juggling 2 part time jobs now. see how desperate i am??
i need to go to the office almost every weekday for one, and work full day for every weekends for another one.

oH someone plZ save me before i choke and die.
sheesh...i know i know, i'm such a drama... i get it. but it's true wat!!

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