Saturday, February 18, 2006

da real

i know this entry would be abit outdated by now, but i just want to 'jot down' in words about what happened last few days. as you probably have guessed, it's all about love and valentines again. although V day is already very famous and needs no publicising from me.... i still want to talk about it!

i have to admit that this year's valentines wasn't a beautiful and surprising day for me. there wasn't any surprises, that's one... and there isn't anything special. my 'other half' whom i'm supposed to spend the day with had to work. after work at 9 pm, he came and fetch me. we took our dinner in a food court in puchong and headed to times square to catch a movie (Big Momma's House 2). it's soO hilarious... at least we enjoyed our 2 hours of butt-numbing session.

then it's time for me to go home again. nothing much special isn't it? SURPRISINGly, for me, i think our real valentines day was on thursday, the 16th of March. i can't help but exclaiM, everthinG was sO wonderfUL that dAY!! it was his off-day. the only day i get to have him to myself for one whole day. after class, i went to his house straight... since he just woke up, we lazed around a little and watch a DVD. after i managed to kick-start his 'engine'... the beautiful day starts. i don't think i need to mention he's a real PIG and a real BUmmer rite? that explains why it's so much of effort and time to make him get up.

here starts the special things we did that day. ate our combo of breakfast+lunch+tea time... and went to IKEA. my intention there was to hunt for a new bed. but who know, we had a great time. compared to other days where we only can go shopping complex or stay in his house and rot.. i jsut realised he has such huge interest in interior designs that he had to scrutinize every 'room-sample' in IKEA and comment on it. i found a cheap and nice single bed... and we had a great time in there. it's jsut Pure fUN. honestly, that was one of the rare days where we both get to enjoy ourselves. on the usual days that we go shopping complex, i can see that he can sleep while walking.

after leaving ikea, we got on the wrong road and went to kepong instead of going home. since i didn't know that there's such a BIG jusco in kepong, we decided to walk around inside there. we hunt for food.. and got ourselves a whole teriyaki chicken at 50% off since it's past 9 pm. then we go back to puchong, bought 2 maggi mee in 7-11 and put hot water into it straight away. we ate the maggi mee and chicken in the car! the chicken is WHOLE> means it's not cut into pieces/parts. we make room in the car and use the sunshield thingy as table. i know it doesn't sound so ridiculous in this blog..but u should see the real life situation at that time. it was... crazy! he tore the chicken apart like a barbarian, and i couldn't stop laughing. i feed him the maggi mee and he feeds the chicken to me. anyone who passes by our car was staring cos they couldn't believe their eyes.
even he had to admit that that day was really a special day for us. he couldn't stop laughing at our silliness too.

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