Tuesday, February 14, 2006

da 14th of feB

well, unofficially, it is already valentine's day.
but i guess most of the lovebirds are sleeping now... y am i not?
after some people wake up later, it's a whole fun day waiting for them.
today is already the valentines.
and i'm up awake... can't make myself to sleep.
don't get me wrong... i'm not really excited about V day.
it's just an ordinary other day where the prices of choc and
flowers are raised shit high.

to celebrate V day, i've made choc chip cookies for him
as well as my classmates!! i can tell u they're delicious and super-sweet.
i kinda added a little too much of choc chips.
like i said, it's not a big biG day tomorrow.
so i didn't buy anything, but just made cookies.
Valentine's day should not be celebrated extravagantly.
if any guys wanna burn a big hole in their pockets, do it on the anniversary.
not V'day. then it's much more meaningful.
it's a SHOULD thing to spend alittle on V.day, not go flat bRoke.

not that i don't want big fluffy teddy bear, chunks of chocolates or huge bouquet of flowers,
i love that too...and honestly, i never got any of that.
i really want to get that kind of treatment,
but i also wouldn't want that to happen,
because if i was to love a guy,
i won't want him to go cashless because of some things he had to buy for me.
then i'll be sad...
thus, what's the whole purpose of V.day?
defeats the purpose isn't it?

but of course,
a stalk of flower, a piece of choc and a piece of card is not too much to ask for?
hahah..see i'm crapping again.
too bad i'll have to spend most of my V day at home
or somewhere else with friends...
he has to work and i can only meet him at night.
well, at least i can spend time with him.
i would never ask for more..

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