Saturday, February 11, 2006

da' beautifuL beGinning...

somehow, this time i felt that things are a bit different. maybe it's because of my ripe-age or maybe it's a sign for me. he had been eating dinner IN MY HOUSE everyday since the past few days. And today, my mum even asked him if he's free on sunday. something about the last day of chinese new year where families are supposed to sit in together to have dinner. she wanted to invite him over but he has his company's annual dinner to attend. this is the very first time any guys get to eat with my family; PLUS it's more than once. how shocking? yes, those of you who know me and my family quite well will know that this is kinda weird. don't bother to read this paragraph over and oer again. your eyes are not cheating on you, it's TRUE!

probably it's because i'm already 20 years old by this year (not exactly 20). so they think it's alright to have boyfriend. the amazing thing is my mum seems to like this fellow very much. and they talked non stop over yesterday's dinner... bout how to cook and about food till i have to surrender and retreat into my bedroom to rest while they blabber about. he's right. he's aunty's favourite.

on the way home today, we were talking and we joked about something. then i realised, it's not really a has a pinch of truth in there somewhere.

" Having a gf/bf is like renting them. But, getting married to them is like buying them. "

i am not meaning that gf/bf are material things that can be traded/whatever. metaphorically...You see, when you rent something, you don't own it 100%. you're just borrowing it in a way and you can return them or not want them anytime. but when you buy something, you own in totally. you can neither simply return them nor exchange them. such a simple way of explaining isn't it? all because of the joke in which he said, " i am renting you only. still cannot afford to buy you now. in future la."

everything had been wonderful recently. a bit too good to be true isn't it?

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