Saturday, February 04, 2006

honey... SURPRISE!!!

those words were not the exact words he told me. but the situation sounded like that...
"honey... surprise!!"
that idiot... he knew it all along that he was coming back from hometown on the 3rd of feb.
but he told me that he's coming back on the 6th. that he will be in sabah for 10 days.
as a matter in fact, it's only 7 miserable days...and he never tell me...
he always said he's not sure or probably on the 6th when i ask him when he'll be back.
that donkey!!! he tricked me, and i kinda accidentally lied to the whole world.
anyway.. he's back already. i already 'beat' him up for doing that "surprise" thing.
but it's terrible, really. he told me he's coming back 2 when he's in sabah's airport.
and i had to fetch him in 2 hours time. made me rush like hell, and ffk a few people.
*sobs* i get all the blame in the end. a small price to pay just to have him back 3 days earlier.

OH! and yes, i asked him whether his ex is back from aussie not.
the answer is 'yes'. so, it was really her yesterday night. i got it right after all.
and he's meeting up with her few days later.
seems that her mum broke her arm..and got plastered
she called him to talk 'crap' (where u, doing what, going where, with who, etc etc)
when he was in my house for dinner!

he's the first guy that came into my house to have dinner with my family.
the first guy that my mum refers to as my BOYFRIEND
the first guy my father talks nicely to...
the first guy to have his blazer tailor-made by my mum..
isn't that a bonus already?


JT Slade said...

Super nice.

I did come to your house and I wanted to have dinner with your family too you know.

But I didn't get the chance.

Have to repay debts liao :p

+sammy+ said...

huh? repay wat debts??