Friday, February 03, 2006

harmless of a threat?

i wasn't going to blog bout this in the beginning.
but i figured, arghh...wat's the chances of her reading this? probably 1%
i shall risk that. such small percentage.
today was a long day, went friends houses..
looked for friends who i have not seen for a long long time.
but guess what i saw at night??
someone who i never ever saw face-to-face before
except for her photos (that wasn't meant for me to see).

it's weird to see her all of a sudden.
never expected her to be back from aussie so fast...
and even worse, never expected to see her right stevens
then i remember, it's CNY...why wouldn't she be back?
that means, if she's back..she might have called my bf redi?
what's wrong right? they're friends...
i'm such a nonsense..thinked too much
i knew they have ended things, but it wasn't really official.
so i guess i've the rights to worry.

i guess she knows who am i by now..
and the fact that he's not very single and available at the moment.
i was driving his car, and parked right in front of her.
it's fate isn't it? i didn't know it's her until i walked past,
and i realised..this girl's so familiar... looks like the one in the photo.
i had to get 2 of my friends to double confirm with me.
won't wanna get myself worried for farks, isn't it?
i think he didn't let her know bout me...
but it's all clear now, she found out herself.
fate...haha... tricky isn't it?

i had mixed feelings when i saw and realised it was really her.
i was happy to finally be able to see how she's reality
i was confused because i wasn't very sure whether its her or not.
i was angry, what is she doing back here?
i was shocked to see her here because she stays quite far away
i was scared, she might come back for him.
it's all so weird.

but why should i be scared? STUPID ME.
i did not snatch him under her arms.
i did not go in between them
i appeared in front of him months after they 'broke up'
we're any other normal couple..i have the most authority
why am i scared?
is she a threat or she's pure harmless?

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