Tuesday, April 10, 2007

7th april big day

i'm home again!! so i got some time to blog before i rush off.

notice to self: haven't study AT ALL for tomorrow's exam.

anyway... continued from the previous entry> i celebrated on 7th april too, at night. so it's like a post-birthday thing because i blew the candle off an hour before 7th april is over. as i haven't celebrate with the girls from Assunta. i just made a last minute call to a few of them in the morning. then i spent the whole afternoon lazing around because i refused to study on my birthday. Pantang sial!

at night, we met up in Halo Cafe at 7 something. there were esther, wai yin, hor yan, azaria, li ying, mun yee and her boyfriend. and ME of course. it's been a long time since i saw them especially Azaria Loh!

li ying, wai yin and azaria (left to right)

me and esther.

to lauren: i analyzed and reanalyze myself. i gained weight!

mun yee and boyfriend. he was so shy...

my birthday cake from them. some apple cheesecake from Secret Recipe.

no one remembered that i don't eat cheese. but amazingly, i ate 2 slices because it tasted more like apple pie than cheesecake. haha.


In-Te-Res-Ting: after they all left, i was still sitting there waiting for Edmund and Simon. Girls waiting for Guys again! again... anyway, i was alone there occupying 2 tables and many chairs because the rest have left. and then this waitress came over and pass me a note. it's from table 36, means the table beside us. i remember there were 2 guys sitting there but they already left. the waitress said its for our table but never mention to exactly which one of us. so wai yin, hor yan, esther, azaria, mun yee and li ying... if ur reading pay attention yea because it's probably to one of you guys too???

the message said 'Hie.. do you wanna be friend? if yes, you can drop me a call at xxxxxxxxx.' i forgot the number..haha i threw the note away after that. sorry guys!! to calm you all down... i'll say 'don't worry. they're not really cute anyway!'

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