Monday, April 23, 2007

Bunny Orbituary

Rest in Peace my babies.
Avril Lavigne
A true star of the litter and the favourite of all.
She has charmed many with her dark eyeliner and outstandsing ears.
Also the best jumper especially in escaping the box.
The used-to-be round bunny with round face and brown eyeshadow.
One of the tame shy ones that is not naughty.
Named after Peter Rabbit in children's books.

The one with gray and white coat which also looks like a mini Schnauzer.
Is the most furriest and has the softest fur.
Has a tendency to lick people. So Schanuzer.

The skinny little fellow with one blind eye and Peter's twin.
It's named after a skinny friend.
Is the most mild mannered bunny that doesn't need chasing.

The miracle bunny that survived a great fall.
The one that starts pedalling in circles after the fall thus the name.
One of the naughtiest and furriest ones.
Also one of the most funniest one that goes unbalanced and knocked around the box when he tried to stand on 2 hind legs.


esther said...

OMG! all of them died? wat u feed them?! my condolences....u must have need a bigger grave for ur babies....its so sad....

+sammy+ said...

esther...sobs... they were drinking the mother rabbit's milk lar.... i wonder what happened also. sigh. waste all my time nurturing those little brats.