Monday, April 09, 2007

pre-Birthday celebration

okay fine... i have decided to continue blogging. so i shall blog about my birthday first. it's gonna be a brief one.

on 6th april, that's my birthday eve .. i had dinner in Tony Romas in Sunway Pyramid. got a slice of cheesecakse for free, complimentary from Jason. How nice... And Gary disappeared to church since it's Good Friday and he totally forgotten that he promised me a drink on his account. HmmpH.. i could've complain bout Gary since he doesn't read my blog (if Iris doesn't tell him) haha... but i'm nice so i shall not.

Me, Iris, Stephanie and Wendy were there first. The 2 guys, Foong and Edmund came an hour later. How the world has changed! girls waiting for guys. happened to me ALL da time... hmmm. what happened to gentleman-ness? out of topic..eherm. anyway... yeah. so that's the pre-birthday dinner we had together.

iris was jealous cos stephanie started eating without her. (kidding)

me and wendy posing for a proper photo.

Edmund got me a birthday cake and we celebrated the countdown thing (sounded so grand...countdown :P) in Halo Cafe because Tony Romas close at 11pm. they smudged my face with cream. those very mean people. hm....but everyone got the cream-on-face at the end. haha!

my delicious blackforest cake. it was so huge we only managed to eat less than half. the rest was given away to the waiters there. how lucky of them to have me there :P

As for my birthday pressie....i got necklace and a necklace and a pendant. haha...i have 2 'key' pendants and i'm wearing both together! oh's almost 8! i farking forget that the baby bunnies in sunway starving! okies..update on 7th april up er....sOON!

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