Tuesday, April 03, 2007

bunny murder.

i think i've just accidentally killed one of my baby bunnies.

about 10 days ago, my rabbit gave birth to 5 babies again. yeap, for the third time. it gets pregnant every single month!

so the story goes like this... i was trying to clean the cloth bed where the babies sleep on. so i just took one of them up and walked to the toilet to get tissue. on the way out, it suddenly spring up and slipped out of my hand. it fell onto the floor quite hard.

and then i saw it squeaking. i guess it's in pain and then it's body arch backwards and started to pedalling its hind legs and going around and around on the floor. it was horrible.

after holding it for along time and trying to stop the fella from twisting around..it finally stopped and rest. i thought it's ok but it's not. it was more quiet than usual. it will not move when you push the fella and it will stay in the position that you put it on. however, its little heart is still pumping. i kept on checking on that from time to time.

i let it rest and came out from the house but i'm still feeling so bad about it. i've seen many of the baby bunnies die and it looks like this. i think this baby bunny won't be able to survive it and i felt so so horrible.

for ONCE, every single one of the babies of the batch lasted more than a week. all of it! and then i accidentally killed one by dropping it.

GOd bless it. i hope it will be alright. i want to see it moving and jumping around waiting to be fed when i return home tomorrow. please....? i don't want to murder a baby bunny that i raised.

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