Monday, April 23, 2007

MAJOR workout.

i was craving for a good relaxing massage since the past week but i was grateful that i only went for it yesterday. that's bcos it's much more worth it, i have more worn out body and aching muscles than last week. imagine moving every inch of your muscle for one whole week.

i spent the beginning of this week, going around looking for stuffs for the house and shopping at ikea as well as furniture hunting. that works out my leg muscles for walking too much and my hand's for carrying heavy plastic bags full of goods.

then i hand washed the clothes for both me and Edmund's. sweep and mop the floor everyday and wiping alot of stuffs plus unpacking the other stuffs that we've moved in. exercise again!

(note: i realised i'm so aunty a.k.a housewife now by doing all the house chores. and i realised i'm not like what my mum say "the man who marries you in future will be in bad luck because you're lazy and you never do housework!" the truth is, i just didn't do them at home because i know my mum is doing them anyway. everything is taken care of and nothing to worry about. now that i live outside, i realise i'm actually a neat freak like my mum. i don't like things messy and i hate the floor to be dirty and sticky. so i get stressed looking at the mess. and did i mention i just love decorating the house? if only i have more money... hmm. )

and then on wednesday night i played badminton for 2 hours with Ed and a few of his friends. guess what i found out? i still can whack the shuttlecock quite well, just couldn't aim it properly. Oh.. and i can jump to get it! haha.. i can never do that last time. so my hands and legs were worked out t the max that day. already predicted major aches the next day!

the next day, my predictions were true but not as pain as i thought. even better, me, iris and foong went and have bak kut teh in subang. and just when we're about to leave, kevin called and asked if we wanted to go Cafe Flam. it was ladies night, so why not? and there we danced for more than 2 hours in high heels. see the trend? exercise again.

on friday, i thought we're going to go Zouk as what Ed said. he later told me he was joking so he said we should go karaoke. i was going to ask Stephanie and then Ed called to say the others are not going because they were so tired from badminton, they can't sing. i was 'hello? what reason is that?' and then there's this conversation...

Me: Eh, i went badminton too and i went clubbing yesterday. and you all complained tired instead?!
Ed: You are used to it what. you were always doing housework in the new house so your muscles are used to it.
Me: *horrified look* OMG... u dare to say that out since you never helped in the house chores and the cleaning and the unpacking AND the clothes washing?
Ed: It's good for you what. you get to practice
Me: WTF? *rolls eye*

so since there's no Zouk. we our late lunch and drinks in Bangsar in the Bistro where i used to work. We were so bored we asked for cards and played chor tai dee. no money involved but truth or dare. and since ppl loves truth so mcuh, the rule is 'every 2 truths there must be one dare'. for one of the dares, me and Iris french kissed for 3 seconds. no need to guess, the guys dare one la of course! after that we went shopping in the boutiques. At night, we had lunch in Paddington house of pancakes in the Curve and as expected, we dropped by in Sanctuary for a short clubbing thing. Got tipsy with a jug of long island tea and attracted a Malay guy called Rizal. Then on the way back to the carpark, we thought we lost my car. i was kind happy thinking that i could get a new car. then i found da car, DARN.

on Saturday night, i finally get to play mahjong in my new place because da dining table arrived in the afternoon. haha. won money after so long of not playing. happy happy!

and as for today..well, i was lazying till evening. then me and Iris ordered McD for late lunch. lazed again and went to Tesco for some quick grocery shopping. we only have less than an hour because we need to rush for massage after that. it felt so frigging good and finally the body stopped crying in pain. haha... and we went yam cha in Murni with foong's friends after that.. and i shall discuss that for my next entry because it's a whole new drama (all about Trans-Bertha and Foong)

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