Sunday, April 01, 2007

stolen phone.

the title says it all isn't it? i just got my new white W850i 5 days ago, and it was lost yesterday when i went clubbing. what the hell?

so one clubbing session costs RM 1200 now? great... now i'm even more broke than before. probably it's a curse that someone put on me. that i'll lose my phone if the price i bought it at was over RM1k. haha.... that's interesting.

SO, if curse works... i'm going to put one on the person who stole my phone. that bloody bugger son/daughter of a bitch just snatched my phone right from my back pocket. maybe my short white denim skirt happened to have shallow pockets and it was an easy task.

so... edmund dun let me blog anymore. i shall sign off. he said that i shall not complain because i will be getting another phone. haha!

last sentence before i sing off: **** that bloody thief. and no more bringin nice expen phone when i go anywhere that has more than 10 person in 5 square feet area.

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