Monday, April 09, 2007

time off

i've not been blogging lately because i'm not at home. well, i am not sleeping at home anymore. staying in an apartment beside my college. there's nothing in there yet including internet and furniture. so... that explains it. no blogging for me!

there's lots i want to blog about actually. all the updates on my house-shifting issue and also my birthday celebrations. besides, there's pictures to upload. so that makes me even lazier. haha!

i'm just dropping by my house to feed da mummy and pappa rabbits, and taking the packet of milk powder. baby bunnies have moved into the new house with me. :) but i got no milk for them. *obviously* so i came home to get them and i couldn't resist coming online so here i am rambling!

for those who wished me happy birthday whether it's by call, by sms or by friendster. thank you! and for those who sms to the old number or called my old number, thank you also although i never receive them. my ex-boyfriend probably received all of it. i hope nothing sappy in the msg... hehe.

those who haven't got my new number or not sure whether it's my old number or new one..check the last 4 digits. it's supposed to be 012-xxx 8117. i know a lot of people hate me and complaining cos i changed so often.... sorry! don't intend to. just got attracted to the many types of packages offered by stupid telco companies. see lar...advertising. sigh!

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