Monday, April 16, 2007

"super maid"

it was dirty, dusty and smelled funny when i first went into the house. i decided to just rent it without even having a look at it because every house there looks the same. "what is there to see?" i asked the agent. he said it was clean enough so believed him and lucky for him, it was exact just clean enough so i saved my energy from bashing him from 6th floor till the ground floor. the only catch, he never mentioned that some of the walls have artistic marks on it eg. footprints and black patches. i think i might as well just bear with it and pretend that i don't see any dirt. conflict resolved! besides, the previous owner left me two beautiful pots of dying plants. i only liked the pots.

then it was time to clean the whole bloody house from head to toe, meaning from ceiling to floor. it breeds spider in the house and the cobwebs decorated the ceiling and along the walls like ornaments and ribbons. you're laughing? me not joking. those who knows Leroy can ask him to testify. on the first day of cleaning, he was there to helped me. THANX LEROY! we have to flood the whole house in other to clean the floor better. the kitchen was gross... rice, cigarette butt, dried chilli and unidentified pieces of leftover food were everywhere. so.. the easiest way out is to just pour water all over the house.

i did not spare any cleaning agents especially Clorox. it was necessary to remove all the one-year-old stains. i recommend Clorox as the best cleaning agent ever! almost nothng escapes from Clorox. i have mentioned Clorox 4 times already, shall stop or i'll look like im hard-selling Clorox. 5 times. ARGhhhHh!

i cleaned another 2 times over the period of 2 weeks to ensure its clean enough for human inhabitance. finally it's sanitised and lavender scented everywhere. Perfecto!

special thanks to my lavender oil, scent burner and many other scented candles, Fabuloso lavender floor cleanser, Clorox lemon, Jif lemon and the wonderful tools (broom, mop and scrub).

note: this is an outdated post because i have moved in 2 weeks ago and already have most of the furnitures inside my room.

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