Tuesday, May 29, 2007

BMW 630i

I just came back from tea and i have no idea what I can do in the office.

I COULD have gotten my day of today but it didn't come true. I might actually need the off-day since i look really horrible today. Someone said that the green veins under my eyes are really popping out and they horrendous. well, think about Frankenstein's bride.

With all the dramas happening yesterday night, who wouldn't look like that? I can't go to sleep and someone yelling at my ears demanding for an explanation (which is not an explanation). I lost count of how many times i repeated that reason. Yes, it's that much! And he doesn't get it when I say that i'm not lying. Well, the truth is... i didn't even lie. I told him truth and nothing but the truth...I swear i swear and i Swear. And now, just to stop causing turmoil in my relationship; I have agreed to cut contact and just obey him.

"Oh God, IF i ever lie to you, please make me fat and bulging like a balloon with cellulites on the obvious parts. Make me lose hair like mad, and balding before my children learned how to call me 'Mum'. Make me get elephant-like legs so that i am not able to be proud of my muscular and toned legs that look good on high heels. Make me get wrinkles, so many lines till my skin looks like it needs ironing and plastic surgery even without smiling."

Okay, maybe i cursed myself a bit too much. But hey, I have not done anything and i was so proud i managed to control myself from repeating the mistake a year ago. I have a healthy innocent relationship with a friend which is nice to talk to. Fullstop.

*Take a deep breath*

Lesson learned: Never try to be best friends with people of the opposite sex if you're attached. And i shall not be jealous for the same reason so that we're equal.

Anyway, on the way back to the office, i saw this beautiful hot mama parked near my office. It's a bloody BMW 630i.

I can forget about Peugeot 206. it's getting old and outdated. This one will do.

"God, i know i had beef today. But the meatball spaghetti that Raimi did was fucking good, i just can't resist. i'll behave better next time. I know i'm greedy but please grant me a wish. I wanna have this car; i don't care how. Make it drop from the sky, i don't mind."

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