Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Lang Tengah Trip

Finally, i remember that i went to Lang Tengah Island and i forgot to post up the pictures. I went there for 3 days and only reached KL the night before my Creative Writing test, so it was a rush and i got no internet conection. i almost completely forgotten about it. by the way, i kinda miss going island holidays with the girls, Jamie and KM.

(hey, you guys have not been calling me eh?)

Me and Edmund stayed in D'Coconut Lagoon and that place was beautiful. I mean, if you're really looking for a quiet and serene place to have holiday without much noise and being closer to nature, then it might the place for you. For goodness sake, i guess i'm just in for the noise and al the happening stuff around. Redang has an advantage because it has places like bars, souvenir shops and other hotels nearby.

In Lang Tengah, we are hidden in the cove of the island so it's peaceful there. AND the corals around our hotel is beautiful and we can even take our on snorkelling equipments and swim out on our own. didn't need to go far though. Then, something FUNNY happened.

We got the snorkelling equip and snorkel around our chalet. And about 50 meters away, Edmund suddenly pulled me and pointed at something in the water. i looked and i didn't see anything. nothng dangerous at least. he then took out his mask and told me that he saw a small shark about a meter long.

i panicked and asked him, "where is it now?"
He replied, "I don't know. it swam away when it saw me and i swam away too to tell you!"
i went like "WTF" written on my face but i still panicked.
For those who have good imagnation, can u imagine the whole scenario where a man meets a shark and both turn away in shock?
and i asked him if it's okay now. he suggested to swim away.

when i ask why.... he said "what if he goes to his mummy shark and the big shark comes looking for us?" my respond? --> "-_-

anyway....joke ended. not funny? fine...

the jetty in kuala terengganu.

the view of the beach from D'Coconut's restaurant.

the view from the beach.
the chalet's swimming pool. beautiful :)

the scenery of the beach and huge rocks.

i was supposed to be posing for a pict. but can't recall why i ended up laughing.

Edmund on the rock, please!

the 'private' beach with only our D'Coconut on it.

the view from the staircase to the restaurant. edmund claimed it artistic. see the flowers?

hell of a poser!

so i guess 3 updates a day should be sufficient to cover back.

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