Wednesday, May 23, 2007


what the fuck???

i'm sorry. there won't be any censorship in this post. i'm fuming and smoking like a bloody chimney because i'm just pure mad. M.A.D!

read the previous post before reading this and you'll get the idea why.

the medicine that dumbfuck no-use doctor gave me.... made me itch all over.

i was bitten by a lot of mosquitoes in Lang Tengah and they left marks (which stopped itching a month ago). AND these marks are now turning red and itchy again!!

he gave me a medicine that i'm allergic to. i should've listened to Edmund and not take the med!

i'm going to plot something and find a reason to sue him. And maybe get rich. hmmmm.... (just let me have a little daydream amidst the scratching and itching)

*scratch scratch*


1 comment:

selina said...

try some aloe vera gel on your itch, it does a little help. Soo Chia has it. Take care.