Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Nightmare repeating

The past few days was more like a nightmare for me.

I did not understand how guys' minds work and I will never know. Firstly, it is obvious a part of their brains grow in the penis, thus only one can function at one time. FACT?

Then, they get jealous when we get close to the opposite sex. All statements like "I trust you" turned to ashes when they are jealous. At the end of the day, they still try to claim that they still trust you (after all the arguments and yelling).

AND... they will never understand how much their gfs have given up or did to try to maintain the relationship. They thought they sacrificed a a kingdom and we only sacrificed a stone. So they pity themselves with "I'm betrayed/ She doesn't care/ I felt stupid for sacrificing so much for her" stuck in their mindset.

Have guys ever thought of things other than themselves?

I mean YES, this time it's my fault that i made him angry. It's my fault to make him feel 'cheated'. It's my fault to assume that it's Ok to have a friend of the opposite sex if I do not have feelings for him... It's all my fault. I know and i'm getting payback big time eg. no sleep, stress, anger and bad mood early in the morning.

God, i Really REALLY hope this will be the very last problems that can arise. I will just let him know every single teeny weeny thing that i did so that i'm not called a 'liar' or a 'cheater' and I will un-friend any friends that he doesn't like. There goes my social life.

MAYBE i could re-think about my plan last time where i told myself that i'm going to be lesbian when my last relationship didn't work out. I should consider that again now. Maybe being with girls will be much more comfortable and less conflict.

Definitely going to think that over again.


CheRyL said... all tie in very nicely..juz relax sammy bammy..things will be better`

IrIs said...

AMEN to that mami!

p.s : when you think the lesbian thing over, would u pls consider me on the list? tq =D