Wednesday, May 09, 2007

First Internship Task - Karnival JomHeboh TV3

aherm aherm... note to those who tought im dead and declare my blog ready to be shut down... i'm still alive guys.just in a different way. there's no more spending time in Edmund's shop or going clubbing and having spontaneous clubbing/lunch/dinner plans. there would only be spontaneous plans after work or for lunch. i guess that's all i can get from my time and energy now.

however, talking about itnernship, i should be doing fine. it's not boring. DEFINITELY. and there were a lot of spontaneity (i forgot how to spell). on the very first day of work, the first 2 hours to be exact... i was sent to ipoh for TV3 karnival JomHeboh and i only have 2 hours notice in advance. so i left that afternoon itself and only came back to KL my home sweet home on Monday afternoon.

Work was hectic but fun. the sleeping hours were not so fun however. Getting only about 3 hours of sleep a day, it's a miracle i didn't faint under the hot scorching sun. There's a lot of labour work too, such as assembling stuffs and screwing nats and bolts and carrying heavy loads. (did i mention someone said i have muscular arms?) Got to learn alot of stuffs at the same time. other than practical and hands-on work, i get to do secretary jobs like counting the stock as they unload from the 3-tonne lorry.

Our client was Dutch Lady, thus lotsa milk around. during the carnival, i did lotsa various jobs. i tied balloons and gave them away to kids, i packed the products into plastics, i arranged the produts, i take orders and do sales pitching, preparing for broadcast interview. ..........And even got a chance to go into the DJ console and watched the Sound&Light people do their job during the concert. the concert was aired live from 9 to 11 pm and we got the privilege of sitting in the centre, having lotsa space to move around while the Ipoh people sat and squat around us, cramped and hot like sardin. It's scary to move around inside there because if anything goes wrong with the concert, we're dead. i don't wanna accidentally kicked off a wire so we sat still. and looking around us were also scary since we're surronded by thousands of people.

Anyway, i'm happy to have my day off yesterday. the boss gave us a day off after we come back to rest and recover. I'm blogging in work now, shall sign off.

P/S: i'll contact u soon, jamie and kah mun. please email meor call me when u guys free. and jamie? looking forward to mahjong with u in june!

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