Thursday, May 31, 2007

beef sin

I am definitely being punished by whoever up there for eating beef on purpose (pretending that it was lamb). Because.... yesterday was a horrible day for me.

In less than half a day i get to meet the most stupidest and blur-est people around klang valley, which have no idea what they're saying.

FIRST... the massage centre i usually go to cannot be contacted, thus i cannot make reservation for 4 person. The phone was busy for almost an hour, so thinking that it's a wednesday night and they're usually not much people around; i went there straight. Halfway there, i managed to contact him and he told me that he can't make it for me cos there will only be one person masseur pworking after 10 pm. The others are leaving early to go back to hometown the next day. GREAT.

SECOND... i turned around and head for the one in OUG instead. I haven't gone to that one before but i went to their other branch in Bangsar so i thought it would be OK. It's called the OLD ASIA. Too BAD for me, i didn't get to try it out. The lady told me that she only has 2 person working, so we can only go in 2 by 2. Well, that's what we ALL heard. After Iris and Rishaad came out, me and Edmund supposed to be next and guess what?

The biatch said that only one can go. And when i ask why, she said she told me earlier. 2 go first... then only one go after that. i was super fucking mad that i give her the bloody stare and grumpy face and stormed off ignoring her "sorry ar, sorry ar" (something i seldom do). i didn't get my massage at the end. See how mad i got? And did i mention that she don't know how to speak proper English? She's so poor in it that she can't even give instructions like telling Iris to take off her clothes first and the masseur'll come in and start right away. Iris and Rishaad both heard that the masseur will come in and take their clothes off! See the bloody distorted msg? Then she had to come to me and ask me to translate.

my reaction? WTH? my bloody hell.... -_-''

THIRD... I then saved RM 120 because there's no massage. So I decided to splurge it on food instead. We went to Halo Cafe nearby in Citrus park for late dinner. since i lost my appetite anyway, I ordered "Salsa and Chips". when the food arrived, there's Only chips. I asked the waitress "Where is the salsa?" She replied, "oh, we ran out of salsa."


i showed my grumpy-human-eating face and asked her why she didn't tell me. She stoned there, so i told her that i'm a regular here... go ask your manager what you should say if there's no salsa next time, and let her know that i said that because she knows i never eat 'salsa and chips' without salsa!

FORTH... the next waiter came so i told him to get me a menu. i've decided to order sandwich next. He told me that i can choose 2 out of 3 choices for the ingredients. He listed them, "There's cheese, chicken and err... 'kai yuk' (in canto)"

Me and Edmund went blur for a while. I had 2 neon question marks flashing above my head. Ed was laughing at him, and asked him if 'kai yuk' is chicken or not. Then only the waiter realised and say... "oh's cheese, chicken and egg!"

After all that. i think i had enough for the night. So i assumed my punishment is done. Up until this afternoon, nothing that bad has happened (yet).

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