Wednesday, May 23, 2007

WEIRD nurse + DumBlur doctor

Venue: Klinik Siva in Sunway Mentari (right next to KK Mart)

Date: 22 May 2007, 9 pm

Person involved: 1.Weird nurse
2. Dumb and blur doctor ( did i mention old?)
3. Sammy
4. Iris

Problem occured:
1. Nurse who talks too much and doing all the freaky stuffs.
I went in and ask her if i could get some medicine. She asked me if i have this symptoms that symptoms bla bla...i said 'yes', 'yes' and 'YES' to all. so i asked if they have the medicine that is one tablet only in a box. She said they have other medicines.. yada yada... then told me to see the doctor cos it cost the same anyway. And then i had to fill up this form. The following conversation occured:

Nurse: Are you studying or working?
Me: Studying.
Nurse: Where ar?
Me: Taylor's. Just nearby.
Nurse: Oh i see. you know ar, usually people who study in college likes KDU and taylors, they sound more educated. hahaha! not like normal malaysians.
(Me and Iris exchange glances. i thought she sounded a bit cuckoo)
Nurse: Where you stay?
Me: Mentari Court, beside the collegE?
Nurse: oh...there ar. How much you pay for the house rental a mth?
Me: 700.
Nurse: So expensive. why u never rent at (someplace) near here? it's cheaper, my friend's renting for rm450 only. so much cheaper right? why don't you move there?
Me: Errr..... (actually i felt like shouting at her that i have a house bloody near to college. it's just that i'm too lazy to drive every morning and to save on petrol. if i wanna stay somewhere else, i might as well get free stay at home!)

2. A farking blur doctor who doesn't know what he's saying.
I went in to the room and requested for the same medicine, and told him my problem as well. He said he doesn't have that medicine. He say he only has medicine that needs to be taken 5 days. After a long conversation, he took out the medicine for external use! i remembered that we were talking about oral pills. and then i said again, 'the external medi doesn't work, i've tried. i want the pills one'.

i was already getting frustrated at that point. very frustrated! and then he said "ok, so you want the pills?" i exclaimed, "YES I DO!". and then he wrote down the prescription on the card and then i asked him "how many days am i suppose to take it?".

That idiot said, "It's for 5 days."
I replied "that means a pill a day for 5 days right?"
That idiot say something stupid like, "Yes, or you only want one tablet?"
I sighed and asked, "But the whole course is supposed to be 5 days right? If it is then give me 5 tablets!"
That idiot replied, "Ok, and the external medi as well? you can use both."
I felt like smashing table and said, "I have aLOT of that at home which i don't use because they don't work!" ( i thought i told him a million of times?)
As a doctor, he said, "OK lar... then don't use la' and shake his head indian style.

*He looks too old and too sleepy to be a doctor.
*He doesn't understand patient's request and always in his own world.
*HE has bloody hearing problem!

3. The nurse that is probably too bored of her job.
When i went and get the medi over the counter, this happened.....

Me: How much is it?
Nurse: You guess how much?
Me: how would i know? you tell me
Nurse: Guess la. How much you usually pay?
Me: 10 plus? so how much is it?
Nurse: WHat if i tell you it's rm 22?
Me: i pay you 22!

*can you imagine that scene? can you imagine a nurse playing price guessing games? can you imagine her saying that sentence i've amplified? can you imagine the whole scenario? holy jesus and all gods, what happened to this clinic? *

NOTE: i swear i will never go back to this clinic. please do not send me to that clinic even if i'm dying and all clinics within the 10km range is closed. YOU could let me die in peace.


selina said...

OMG!OMG!OMG!Sammy, i swear i was laughing like crazy when i read that part about the nurse playing the price-guessing game with you. The nurse is so freaking "mou liu". Never ever visit that clinic, they do not sound professional.

+sammy+ said...'s the joke of the year man.