Wednesday, November 23, 2005

made it alive

i made it alive! yaY!! i made it through half of the day without feeling like dying. though my irritated-eyes were bloodshot red..made me look hideous walking around with a red teary eye. sigh.. someone i don't know irritated the shit out of me. it was this particular person on another person's blog who wants to act like the judge and determine who's right and who's wrong, who's to be pitied and who's pitiful...she's a thorn in the arse~

look at it this way, blogs are where people post diaries and express their feelings online so that they can share it with their friends. their close friends or at least someone they personally know. since blogs are actually WEBlogs.. it's on the net, and anyone can access it. of course we can't put a stop to who's going to read it. strangers who are going to read it are able to put up comments on the blog, true. but i believe alot of us have the rational way of thinking and we do not simply post up comments to hurt other people's feeling with the advantages of being anonymous or 'whatsoever'. no one will know where that fella atually come from, so she can say things as terrible as she wants it. now, i know it's a democratic world.. oh, btw. it is NOT a democratic world, because if i am not mistaken, some of the countries in this world is not really democratic. is it? i suck in history or whatever. back to the point, don't hurt people's feelings with words just b'cos it's a democratic world and you can say anything u want. be more humane, think of the consequences on others when you express urself. some people are just plain mean?!

if i am the one reading another stranger's blog, i wouldn't post up msgs or comment anything because blogs are subjective matter. it's abstract... and it's manipulated based on the writer. just read and exit that page peacefully. why would anyone want to hang on to that page waiting for someone to oppose their comments. i admit i did that today, but that was to defend myself and my friend. and at least, the blog writer is someone i know... she however doesn't seem like she knows any one of us, and yet she volunteered to be the judge. and be the jury too! moron. hmPPh... if anyone wants to post comment on stranger's blog. fine... it's no harm done. but be neutral.. dun be biased because you will never know what really happened behind the story in the blog.

i'm much more peaceful now... forgot to mention, blog is also a place for people like me to let out our anger and frustration. as well as a place to say vulgarity without 'looking vulgar'. hAH! i bought another top today!! yippeee... on the downside, i'm BROKE. as usual. since when i am not broke anyway? tEe heeE... signing off (merrily). can't wait for tomorrow to start.

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hy said...

hahah.. i knew it was u in ahrem's blog.. =)