Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Tuesday, November 22, 2005


this is so weird. i officially finished my exam already, but i don't feel much difference. i have a feeling i know why. firstly, during the study break and exam week, i behaved as if there wasn;t any exam and i took it so lightly. i noly studied a day or 2 before eventhough i never paid attention the whole semester. Since i already had the holiday mood in me before this, now that it's really holiday...i'm so numb, i can't feel holiday-ing. i'm still doing the things i did few weeks back. ooOOh... however, i felt much better because i wouldn't need to worry bout exam when i'm walking around or when i'm in the fitting room. HAHA! hurray to that...

*breathes out loudly*

right after exam yesterday, i was supposed to go bangsar and get a massage with jamie. but i got ffk-ed. it's forgive-able though. she had good reasons... i met up with her anyway. she looks like a mess... who can blame her? she has been crying non-stop, almost the whole time i was with her and kah mun. i was curious what made her cried so badly... and i found out why after coming home and go online to read her ex-bf's blog. it was a cruel post in his blog. i can obviously say that blogs not only give space for a person to express her/his thoughts, but also a tool for revenge and a channel for arguments. and advertise of course! like what i did before this, i post up the description and the no. plate of the car who hit-and-run. haha...evil me.

after jamie, i went kean foong's house for BBQ. i missed out a lot of fun...!!! siGh... but i still had my share of fun. was there for 2 hours... foongy's dad is so cool. still young at heart, he made jokes and talked crap like no other fathers. amazing..and yes, he gave some of us tequila pop. a BIG glass of it.. cool dad! sadly, got to run off earlier than others cos i've a date with my darling. movie at midnight...we watched harry potter. i've counetd the ticket stubs i've collected... we have watched 14 movies in the duration of 4 months and 2 weeks! that's like a movie a week..

sigh, i'm getting more and more boring aren't it? wonder how to stand the coming 6 weeks of holidays.. i went sg. wang, Kl today with the intention to buy a cheap samsung handphone as temporary/spare phone. but i didn't buy any hp in the end because darlin said he will sponsor a bit next month so that i can get my k750i straight away. have to wit another month for new hp :( *sigh* since i'm not buying hp, i went and buy a shirt and lipbalm instead. hehe... damn, i just couldn't resists spending money. bad habit.

talking bout spending money. he made me cry yesterday! before da movie, i gave him the watch that i bought a 2 days before. i bought it specially for him because i was in a good mood and i felt like spending a big sum of money...on hIM. usually i prefer to spend it on myself. the response i got from his was totally the opposite from what i expected. how ironic... he asked me why i gave him such an expensive watch. i said for no reasons, and he kinda lectured me bout it. he told me that i shouldn't spend so much money on the watch, that i could've bought cheaper watches from swatch or something. it's still a watch after all... but the watch i bought looks nice on him! sigh..he didn't scold me or anything but then i started crying because this was not the respond i expected. the very funny thing is... pay attention to this>>> he said that i should've spent the amount of money on myself instead and not on him because it's my money. funny? then he should not give me money to spend also rite becaue it's HIS money? secondly, his point was not to ask me to save money and be thrifty. he just didn't want me to spend the money on him. although it's supposed to be a gift from me. his point was to tell me to waste the money on myself such as buying handbags, clothes and etc etc and not on him.

isn't that weird? ppl want their gfs to not waste money on shopping but he wants me to do so as long as it's not something too expensive for him. he suggested that i could've bought a shirt, pair of working shoes, and swatch watch for him with the same amount of money. made sense, but he looks so good with that bloody watch! isn't it more wasting to buy clothes for myself because i only wear them a few times and stopped wearing them if i don't like them? isn't it better to get him a good quality watch which could last him a few years? then, the money will get the best value isn't it. he made me regret buying him that watch! i bought it for him happily and now it made me sad thinking about it. imagine all the clothes and shoes and accessories that i could've bought with the money. it'll be a whole day of shopping! dAMn... he's evil. *hmmpppH*
anyhow, i know he cares about me. he pujuk-ed me with his stupid jokes and innocent looks after that. called me 'cry baby' somemore. it's all his fault! now we have a new motto,
"your money is my money, my money is your money"
hahah how dumb. never love him less though, even after all this crap.
don't tell me i'm hopeless, i already know :p

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