Sunday, November 13, 2005

stArt aNew...
with everything NEW!!!

i am so soO hapPy...
* bounce bounce*
after all the "hard worK" and burning midnight oiL.
i wasn't really "hardworking" but i claimed myself to be so..
because.. i was so freaking hardworkin a few days before exam!
that's wat we call 'last minute revision'
and because of the last min. thing,
i always skipped the last few chapters!
damn...sure cost me lotsa marks.

but whatever, hell with exam...
though i still have another last subject.
that's a week later..but now;
i declare "HOLIDAY"!!!

first of all, who said study break and exam week was all about exam?
during study break, i worked part-time,
3 days before my first paper i watched Chicken Little,
2 days before my first paper i watched Zorro 2,
a day before my 3rd paper i watched Corpse Bride,
during my exam week i went shopping.
an hour after this, i'm going to watch exorcism of Emily Rose.
3 days later, i'm going holiday with my darlIng for 3 days!
*breathe in*
what a wonderful world!!

secondly, it's so haPpy to have him around,
he brought happiness just by doing stupid things,
making himself look funny,
make stupid faces and noises,
forcing himself to stay awake to keep me company
and all da little little things that many people do not notice.
everytime we go MV to watch a movie at night,
he'll try to get me a toy..those that u put money into the machine
and direct the clamp to get ur toy?
i have two of it now...
so silly of him by wasting so much of money to win one each day.

then, i got a new watch from Titus...

actually, it's more like 'he got it for me'
i never wanted him to pay for me,
but he insisted in paying the bigger
he's the biggest shareholder of my watch :)
changing my watch was something significant.
it was throwing away something broken in the past,
only to replace it with a better one.

something else has changed too...
i bought myself a new wallet.
that marked a new beginning too...
somehow in someway,
i felt like i've left some of my past behind,
to pursue better ones...
improving what i have,
bit by bit...

well, shopping and exam all rolled into one.
that's wat i called 'enjoying life'
let's hope that pleasure doesn't make me fail any paper
*prays really hard*

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