Monday, November 28, 2005

Monday, November 28, 2005

physical disSatisfaction!

it's sunday night...(now). guess i need the break and just hang around in my room doing nothing. i'm still insomniac, there's no way i can sleep now though its 2 am. 2 more hours..yeap...just 2 more hours. being insomnia totally ruin my physical looks! it's bad enuff that i'm not that attractive physically, but having red eyes and blue-black-purple-green dark circles around my eyes make me look million times worse. stop building mental images of me! you won't wanna imagine!!! to make things from bad to worse, i'm becoming fatter and fatter. my tummy especially, no where else seems to be growing except for my tummy. that's because i sleep so late, i get hungry and i eat while onlining. i'm drinking sweet fruitpunch juice with kitkat chunky now. yea, go ahead and calculate how fattening is that. somemore i'm eating it right before i hit the bed.

oh, and one more thing. you know what people say about symmetrical faces are the most attractive? i totally failed that. first i have half of square face and half of oval face. that's because of my jaw... i accidentally bit a metal sppon few years back and it got dislocated somehow, someway. it's stupidity and clumsiness. NOW, my right eye has double eyelid all of a sudden. the left eye is still single eyelid. i look damn freaking weird... argHHh... help me. it's been many days already..will it go away? either i have both double eyelids or i'll just remain normal..

next, i hate my hair.. it sux, it's starting to curl so badly at the roots. haih... and i'm so feddap of rebonding it. so i'm just leaving it that way now. it's damn freakin annoying! i have to frown over it and mess with it every single day after i wake up...

then, my broad shoulders, i wish they were not so broad because broad shoulders make me look so rough! no matter how hard i try to dress girly, the shoulders always give it away. monster shoulders. bloody hell... sigh (again). tak tahAN!

finally, my nose! it's so freaking huge. and it gets red like rudolph everytime i rub it or sneeze. monster nose! arghhhhh....



ct said...

ok just make it short.. negative negative will become positive..after all not too bad...hehe

+sammy+ said...

wah like that alsO can meH??? dau