Wednesday, November 02, 2005

toO late to regret!

i never thought i'll be so far behind in my revision. before the holidays started 2 weeks ago, i already had planned my time. that i work and study for one week and then i have another whole week free to continue revising. my planning was futile. wat's the point of having plans when you are not able to follow it? firstly, the whole 8 days that i worked, i never studied because i was too tired to. and i spent my free time going out. secondly, it's already the last week before my finals, it's a wednesday today, and i only studied about 5% of what i should have been studying. eventhough i know that i'm always good in getting away with last minute revision?work, i have a bad feeling this time. i can't believe i'm THAT LAZY and such a gOOD procrastinator. i'll be happy enough if i just 'passed' my finals. won't dare to ask for more.

speaking of worKing for lacoste for 8 days. i got so damn sick and tired of that fragrance. i smell it for 8 days in a row. my nose got so irritated by the smell, it was always red and rudolph-like. now that it's over... i'm droOling over the money that i'm going to get. MEANS, i'm finally getting the handphone that i wanted to buy. after many many months!

it was such a nice experience working with my other 9 buddies. we're one terrific team. hahah... and we're all assorted. all different personalities and stuffs... ya know.

to jessica, nawwar, koyie, annie, mei, kes, fendi, mathan and's lovely and FUN working with you guys!

it's da gUrls and da boSs...

then we have da guys and da superviSor..

the rest of the photos can be found here >>>

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