Friday, November 25, 2005

the 'money' equation

me 'the f* fren', isn't it ironic? here u are trying to defend a friend from invaders and critiques... the nxt moment you're being labelled a 'fucking friend' who defends a friend on zero ground. i guess i'm going to stop defending anyone on a blog. especially if it's against some strangers who didn't know the roots and leaves of the story. it was war in the comment column. you know what? i gave up. i have no energy to get all fired up for some bitches. they can say what they want, as long as my friends are not affected. but as we all know, words are mightier than sword. i'll just leave it that way. no point butting in to people's problems just to come out having ur ass burned real bad. i really felt like someone stuck a burning torch up my arsehole. excuse my manners... i'm not a polite person in nature.

anyway, as i'm done with one problem (with a stranger), i'm having another dilemma. should i just go look for a full-time job during my holidays? it's only a 5 weeks holiday though. but i'll be rotting at home every weekday! my friends are either having college, working, holiday-ing or back in hometown... why am i so free and relaxed? i felt like i had more activities and outing during my exam week! it's supposed to be in the other way! arGhhh... damN da holidays. and i need more Money... see the equations...

no work=no money + lotsa free time.............(1)

lotsa free time=spending money (no money)............(2)

if u replace equation (2) into equation (1), what do you get?


daMn... that's a double no money! shit..i need money. i want to buy more clothes, buy bag... buy dvd-burner, buy new decorations for bedroom, buy shoes, buy more things for him, and buy really good facial wash!! oh...i forgot, buy new handphone. and eat good fooD... and go holiday. and pay bills..

waH...shits!!! (many more exclamation marks).. the list has no endings... damn, now i lost my mood... -ciaos-

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