Wednesday, November 30, 2005

too much of Questions

today has been a rewarding day. not really as 'rewarding' as u think, but good enuff. i learnt something new again. before i came home half an hour ago, i was standing at the corridor talking to my bf. he always sent me upstairs and watch me go into my house before leaving. and i always dread going home, so i'll take bout 10 min to stand at the corridor before finally dragging my heavy heart back home. rite, so we kinda had a good conversation back there. i was being curious, the usual me, i asked him about his ex-gf. i wanted to know how long is his ex going to study in aussie, what was his reaction when she told him that and how come he doesn't know much about her going to further her studies e.g. what subject, duration etc etc.

i find it really weird. how come he didn't know all that when he was her bf that time? he told me that he doesn't like asking questions, and i should know that already. yes, indeed, i knew that. but i am still curious. if ur gf were telling u that she's going overseas to study, won't u ask her for how long and stuffs like that? ok, here's the interesting part. he said that if a person doesn't tell him, he won't ask because it will be like forcing a person to tell. If the person willingly wanted him to know something, he/she will tell him without being asked. so, the conclusion? he doesn't ask much questions and it's really up to the person if he/she wants to tell or not.

alrite, now that i know... i think he kinda hint me not to ask too many questions because it would be like forcing him to tell things that he didn't want to. maybe he wanted to hint me, maybe not. but i have to admit i'm a girl full fo question marks. and i ask and ask non stop till i'm satisfied. i think that kinda annoy him at times. can't help it. it's my natural personality which i couldn't destroy. anyway, now that i know another part of him... i can make things work better because i know wat he likes/dislikes. i'm uncovering his personality part by part, really SLOWLY!! we've been together for almost 5 months now. still a lot of things which i don't really understand about him. among all the bfs i had, he's one tough fella. complicated and not the usual guy we see around. siGh... that made the understanding process more difficult.

enough of that already. i am so so full now! i spent half my day watching dvd with him. we're like 2 big piece of couch potato.. there's nothing much we can do on his off day isn't it? then we spent an hour driving around looking for dinner because we only left his house at 11 pm. we went subang...then all the way to kl...then to kepong... finally we found a place to eat bak kut teh. *burp* i had craving for bak kut teh for days already... when i told him that, he purposely drove such long distance to make sure i get to eat it because the one in kepong opens till very late.


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