Wednesday, March 22, 2006


just in case, for those of you who don't understand what's beh-tahan...
it means 'CANNOT STAND'
correction, or maybe it means 'BLOODY CANNOT STAND'
now, that's more like it.
just when i thought i can start to relax after last week's hell and torture.
'thought'.... yeah... exactly... it is never going to happen.
last week's 3 assignment due date nearly killed me.
BTW, one interesting fact to share:i lost one kilo in 2 weeks.
that 2 weeks was the 'assignment-due-date' weeks.
explains why isn't it?
so, i joked and said: "if only there are few more assignments like this ar, i can forget bout dieting because this is far more efficient in weight loss"
talking bout dreams come true. hECK!
tomorrow, there's marketing test.
next tuesday, duedate for Thinking Skills 1000-words essay.
next wednesday??
BM presentation (maybe).
Marketing presentation.
duedate for Marketing audit.
see man...see!!!
no need to diet redi, don't even have the appetite to eat these days.
plus i vomit when i over-stress.
now, sore throat and sick for 2 days already.
goSh, this is killing me slowly.

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