Monday, March 13, 2006


that's me.
insensitive and terrible... and so inconsiderate.
i think they all meant the same thing right?
nevermind! screw synonyms....
i feel so bad now...
past few days had been hectic...
i have to finish up some left-over surveys so that i can hand in tomorrow.
and i have bloody asssignments to finish...
plus i treated my one week break as if it was really a 'BREAK'
amazingly i finished 2 of my assignments by sunday.
one has to be handed in tomorrow and i was done about 1 a.m. just now.
my boyfriend came over for dinner and he stayed till i finished my assign.
he knew i'll be screwing around the house wasting time.
so he stayed to keep an eye on me...
well, i did finish my work in an amazing rate.
the thing was, he was really really tired adn sleepy.
it was really obvious..
but i still wanted to go out and yam cha with kahmun at 1am.
he kept on telling me not to go, not to's very late already.
but i still insists, and told him to go home and sleep first.
as usual, he won't agree with my idea
he's so worried that i'll be kidnapped or something bad happens..
so he followed me to go yam cha and fetched me home
i feel so so guilty now...
he looked so tired and his face was damn zombie-like.
i'm the culprit..he's going to be alte for work tomorrow
and too tired to work..
it's my fault, it's my fault...
i didn't want to listen to his advice..

" i promise to be good next time "

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