Wednesday, March 08, 2006

movie preview!

in a short period of TEN days time, i've watched 5 movies in Midvalley's GSC. FIVE!!! that's like an average of a movie every 2 days...i've watched casanova. it's really sweet... i mean the 'casanova' in the story which is a famous playboy in town who finally fell in love with a lady (for real). but i can be boring at some parts....

then there's Fun with Dick and Jane. actually... i think it's not really as good as i expected. there's a few funny parts here and there but it's quite nonsensical. soO... it's just worth a few laughs. HAHA.... i introduce Big Momma's House 2 if you want a good comedy with a bit more logic.

next, was the Final Destination 3. i know nuts about the part 1 and 2. my boyfriend seems like a big fan of it and he watched from the first part till the current one. he claims that the previous 2 parts were much much better..and more creative. well, all i can say is...this show's quite good for a person who only watching this the first time, like me! the way those people die? GRUESOME. and ugly...and blood splashing everywhere.

after that, it's Heirloom. i think it's a show from China/Taiwan. i don't idea. but they speak mandarin... it's not really scary also... i was expecting some ugly creature popping out somewhere. well, there's none... it's about this 'guai chai' (dead infant/baby) that older generations keep... and they feed it with their blood because they believe that it will bring them luck and fortune. don't watch this if u intent to scare urself to shits...

most recent is Pink Panther... like 2hours ago? it's another funny show.. a comedy. erm...the guy in it speaks funnily in a slang and he can't pronounce 'hamburger'.... yeah..laugh at that. no comments.... not too bad i guess.

---movie preview ends---

so... i'm having my break this week. it's more like a mid-term HELL than mid-term BREAK. i think they kinda labelled that wrongly on our academic calendar 2006. i prefer looking at may, june and july. it's bout 2 months and a bit mroe of HOLIDAYS. pure assignment. nothing!!! can't wait. how i'm always 'me'.... i didn't really stress on it. i tried to accelerate my work but i can't. i'm cursed with the procrastination spell. i spent the whole day in salon today... and i look like this....

now... i'm sitting around middle of the night trying to encourage myself to do some work before tomorrow 4pm. i won't want to bring my assignment up to Genting for 2 days isn't it? Yes, that's the way i spend my holiday... sad.

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