Wednesday, March 15, 2006

complicated L.O.V.E

i find this world really really weird. that's because when you like someone, there's always something obstructing and you can't get together with him; or you all just met at the wrong time at the wrong place although he's the right guy for you and you knew it. it's pathetic, really. we have to match the time, place and person in order to work out a relationship or else all will fail just because of a small mismatch. why would we be arranged in this way; that we can't always meet the person we want at the first time. we always have to go through mr./ms WRONG before we finally we found mr./ms RIGHT. then also, it might not even work out after many many many years...

you see... they always say, it's that way because God wants us to learn to appreciate our loved ones. that our beloved someone is not easy to be found and to keep them, we must know how to appreciate them and shower them with love. yeah right. the cold hard fact is, things aren't always the way we want it. have you seen people dating one another for more than 6 years or so, and you were so sure they're getting married soon...then suddenly they declare breaking up?? i bet most of you do.

another thing is... never let go of any chances or possiblities that passes by. if there's a guy/girl that seems interested in you, or you're interested in them. GO FOR THEM! what are you waiting for? you still doubt whether he's good enough for you? whether he's compatible with you or not? the truth (again) is... you will never know until you try it out. what is the point of sitting down, delaying time and ponders whether to accept them not? there's only one thing you need. 'like' or 'fancy'. it might just develop into 'love'. analyzing the whole situation with your brains won't help. just follow you heart. your mind doesn't always tell you the right thing to do.

fact no. 3: love is always unfair. never expect to get the same in return. you might receive lesser and give more OR receive more and give lesser. as long as you're happy and he/she is happy. any shit works. just do what your heart feels like. if you feel like buying him something, go get it... don't calculate the numbers to see whether you will get back something the same worth or not. if you feel like kissing him or manja-ing him, go ahead.. just don't expect him to be doing the same mushy mushy stuff to you. like i said, as long as both are happy... aNY shIT wORks!

the blabbing bout l.o.v.e ends here. i know i'm not qualified to say things like this; that's why it's just blabbings. oh, it's probably i've too much caffeine in my blood. since 4 days ago, i've been living on steven's corner's KOPI O; every night to do my assignment. last night was the only night i can go to sleep early. today the cycle starts again. it's going to go on till thursday night. one more assignment to finish and i can say goodbye to kopi o. feel like puking right now... stress man stess. never underestimate what stress can do to you. all kinds of sickness.

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