Sunday, March 19, 2006

blab-bery and chit-chatty

erm...let's see. where to start? damn, it's such a hectic lifestyle. i don't even know what top talk about first. there's so many things i wanna say...! i mean, 'type'.

ok, i'll start from... the.... err....argHH. i forgot. anyway, last few days have been really really crazy and super tiring. i didn't have a proper sleep for almost a week. even worse, on thursday night, i was typing from 12.30 am to 12 pm friday. that's almsot 12 hours that i spent on my assignment, typing adn typing non-stop. thus, i sacrificed my beauty sleep. i wanted to give up so many times, thinking "what the heck, i'll just donate that bloody 20% away. there's too much stress to bear with". anywhow, i made through it. BUT i knew my essay was a piece of shit. i was just hoping for a few marks worth because i made such big sacrifice (beauty sleep). mUAHahhaz... fuck dat assignment lar. i'm so so thorugh with it! finally.... i'm quite peaceful now. that day i was so stress that i vomitted and diarhoea-ed. and i couldn't breathe most of the time.... Friggin siCkening!

thinking bout it makes me all sick again. if only there's a few more assignments like this, i need not worry about planning to diet. *breathes out* now that i'm all relaxed again... hm...oh yeah. this is a must-mention-thingy. JAMIE'S BIRTHDAY. well..we celebrated for her in tiffin bay, starhill. there's lotsa pics...but i'm kinda lazy to upload them. er...and there's no jamie inside the photos from my camera. so i'll wait till she uploads. hAha..... only me n carmen used my phone to camwhore.

if possible, ignore the pimple on my left cheek. tQ!

btw, an extra note; jamie's in love. so is carmen.

ok, next topIC... i din watch any movies in the past few days. such an achievement! *clap clap*

erm...what else? look, there's just too much to blog about and i don't know which to start first. this is not a crap blog k! hMppH!! of course, now that i remember. BAD DRIVERS. now now, to those of you out there who loves to drive fast, cut lane and put no signal...ur doomed. i always swear at those people who do that. i mean, looK! there's a reason why there's 2 huge lightbulbs at each side of your car, so make full use of it. i really do not mind letting people cut in front of me from the next lane, BUT use your signal dude. SIGNAL! don't anyhow barge in. OR cut lane already, then only put signal; too late. OR put signal at the very last minute; like a milisecond before you turn. rude, no manners and dangerous. you probably could afford to crash your car. i can't.

argHh...see, now i don't know what else to say. too angry. eherm...i have sore throat now. not related. anyways... i so love my boyfriend. s.a.y.a.n.g him to bits...he deserve it. he was being so nice to me the past few days when i was stressing over my assignment. he teman me go drink 3 cups of kopi-o almost every night even though he's sleepy like hell. then, just to make sure i finish my assignment and not waste my time around the house, he stayed in my room with me and wait for me to type finish..until really late at night when he has work the next day. that day on thursday night, he even volunteered to accompany me do my assignment cos he knew i'll be so stressed and bored. but i rejected him...because i knew it's going to take the whole night! and i was righ..i took the whole night ANd whole morning! mwahZ... he's the best!

i lurve my hippo-toy...isn't she cute??!
i kiss her good-night everyday!

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