Friday, March 10, 2006

----endangering myself----

you all will not understand how is it like to be cursed with procrastination spell. that's because i doubt anyone of you can be so relax like me when there's 2 more assignment due next week. i still have another 3 days to finish one of them. i'm putting myself in grave danger.

the bad news? i haven't even read through any notes to look for the points!!! the good news? i can proudly declare it a holiday because i enjoyed it like one. for ONE day ONE night. that's only about 24 hours but what more can i ask for??? most of my collegemates are online now... either away/busy mode on msn. they're probably already went cuckoo and smacked their head against the computer! ok fine, maybe not that serious but wendy did sound like she did that. didn't you wendy?!

another thing i can be proud of? i watched another movie. HAHA. i watched it in genting... Underworld 2: Evolution. looks like i never let go of the cinema wherever i go isn't it? i think that's quite true. 6 movies in 11 days. me and my boyfriend are the record breakers. sigh... we calculated.... our movie tickets worth almost a thousand bucks by now. 29 movies. you count.

i went genting with him twice. and this time seems like the better trip. it wasn't a boring one like last time. i didn't have to wait in the room while he burns his cash away in the casino. i got in!!! after 2 tries that is... so i went in and watch him gamble and i give him a few numbers of my choice sometimes. and there was once i said 24, he didn't listen to me... or he could've won rm 900. sigh... i guess it's just fate that if the money is not yours, it will never be?

-------------------------------the rOmantic parT-------------------------------

damn da casino. anyway... i have to add. this time it was a really meaningful one. serious! we talked about 'serious' things instead of subjects like what you want to eat and where you want to go. we kinda had a heart to heart talk over dinner and i began to understand him slowly. it's also a relief to know that i'm not the only girl who didn't completely understand him. one reason is because he's unpredictable...he admits changing from time to time. god bless him, i hope he didn't mean his love for gf as well. i always thought that i'm the only one who didn't get him out of all his gfs before me. compared to my bfs in the past, he took me one hell of a hard/long time to 'catch' the real him. and for your info, i'm not really 'mission accomplished' yet. i still haven't know the full-him yet. still learning. it was a really interesting conversation between us but the fact i love most is... he doesn't sugarcoat his words when he talked about certain things. he was straightforward but it didn't hurt me. i was happy... because all i wanted was the TRUTH. i wanted to see know he describes me, how i looked in front of him and what type of a person he sees me as.

i want to say again....i'm tremendously happy that he told me those things. at the same time, he indirectly told me that it doesn't mean that he doesn't love/sayang me if he ignores me or kept quiet most of the time. it's just his nature... he does it naturally. from that moment onwards, i look beyond all his words and actions. and i realised, yes, he's right. i CAN actually feel his love for me even if he never responded much or kept quiet. it's all the small matters that he did to shows that he still cares. that he loved me as much as last time and even more now. the magical thing is... also from the very same moment, i noticed that he somehow started to pay more attention to my feelings and he damn sayang me wherever we go, whatever we do or eat...

example... he remembers all the food that i dislike and he won't order. he also knows i can't eat food that's too spicy. when the curry we ordered was spicier than we expected, he licked of all the curry before putting on my plate. it may sound gross to you, but if your bf is gonna do that to you, you'll think otherwise. he ended up sweating like a pig and gulping down cups of tea. when we eat the fruits, he made sure i get all my favourites and insists i have them eventhough it's also his favourite. he never ever fights with me to get them. when i have stomach ache because of 'wind'... he massaged my stomach till its warm and not so pain anymore; without me asking him to do it. right..i shall end here. that's enough examples to emphasise my point right?
i'm getting all melted again.. darn.

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