Wednesday, January 31, 2007

babY rabBits!

KL, 21 January- A magical phenomenan happened when Sammy, a 21 year old student was watching TV in the living room. It seems that there were funny snorting noises all of a sudden. Unsure of where the noise came from, she tried to detect the source of the noise and came upon the rabbit cage. It was then she realised that it was the doe which made the sounds and the cage looked really messy. "I thought the doe and the buck were fighting again and pull each other's fur, as usual", Sammy said. And then just before she was about to leave the rabbits alone, she saw a patch of fur and several crawling things around. she freaked out thinking that frogs have entered themselves into the cage through a drain pipe nearby. Only after close examination did she realised that those are baby rabbits known as kits. Through thorough observation, it was found that there are 4 of it. The babies birth were unepxected as the doe refused to mate with the buck several times and even attacked him in defence. Little does she knows that, she was pregnant and gave birth all of a sudden. Unbelievable.

Back to today, it's the 10th day since the babies were borned. All 4 were in different colours, one light brown, one jet black, one all white and one brownish grey. Each of the coloured ones has a white vertical stripes on its head and white 'collar'. there were 4 of them and now there's only one left; the black one. Sad. The other 3 died one by one every 2 to 3 days. SAD! then, hopefully the black one will survive long enough because its much fatter and stronger. Anyway, today is the 10th day... the black baby should be opening its eyes today or tomorrow. yiPPEE!

The second day after they're borned...

taken..a few days ago before the two brown ones died.

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