Wednesday, January 31, 2007

- flashbacks with photos -

you see.... when a person is alone at home, has assignments but reluctant to do, wants to sleep but can't shut the bloody brain, wants to go out but promised dad to have dinner at home, feels like calling someone but don't know who, is able to online but don't know what to do online........

She Tends To Do Crazy Things.

what do you know? it's rambling time..>!

left to right: jamie, mei xian, chia wen and me. we were having lunch in secret recipe SS15 because chia wen came back from singapore for a few days.

me and hor yan working as Guiness promoters for 5 weeks (easy money, easy job). the guy in the middle is an employee in Wizard World, Sg. Wang. That cafe... has bands playing, really cool 3D haunted house, a walking gorilla at the front door and many employees in black coats, horrifying make up that know how to do simply magic show.

left is of course me- looking ugly, messy curly hair, awfully blur and caught in action! well... the attention is on the right. can you spot an adult called Edmund looking like a retard. someone's gonna kill OH!

over here... there's 3 non-indians in saree. selina, iris and me. from tall to the shortest...nice arrangement. however, i'm still wondering whether we were trying to do some indian pose or egyptian pose. it looks like neither.

left: sammy trying to post like a sleeping buddha but failed.right: Ed trying to pose like award winning beauty queen. (i'm going to be killed twice).

we were in Legends Water Chalet, Port Dickson...the new chalet which has glass panel on the floor so that we can observe the sea. unfortunately, we saw nothing but muddy water cos there's a construction nearby. nice room though!

the adorable strayed puppy which i adopted from some food court parking. she looks really dirty here, plus a sleepy look. it's been a month now and she started to behave more like a monkey than a dog because she climbs the cage up, down and sideways. not to mention it's bloody good stamina thus never tired of running around.

all of us on the boat, going back from langkawi. i just love this photo because it's colourful. no?

the beautiful scenery photo from langkawi. this picture deserves an award! i took it... i remember we purposely stopped by the road to catch the sunset. funny...

anyway i ought to stop now...i can already get out of the house. hAHA!!!

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