Tuesday, January 09, 2007


it's weird how many people these days use their own blog to correspond to other people's blog indirectly because they know the other party will be reading it. in other words, it's another way of telling certain people something in an indirect way. maybe it doesn't sound so mean this way but it makes the whole situation much more twisted. one person very close to me knows exactly what i mean; cheryl. HAHa... she practically uses it as a channel to express herself freedomly. which provided us some sort of entertainment and gossip source. Isn't that right my dear cheryl beryl?

it certainly happened to me as well. maybe because me and the other blogger had the same idea and the same bad habit...curiosity. without realising, we're just checking out each other's blog because of someone we care. that day, i read something which intimidated me a little. maybe it was pure coincidence, i don't know. i just felt that everything feels so familiar and the bolded cum coloured words were staring back at me, as if trying to give me a message. thinking that it was by purpose, i felt angry at first. and then it just changed to sadness.

even if it's on purpose, the blogger didn't really need to remind me that everything has passed. the reason i got angry at first was because i already let the past be history. those that were not meant to be mine; i already let it go more than a week ago. and then a few days after that, i saw those words. fine, i admit i memang terasa a little there. after that it was sadness because there was regret and a lot of unhappy flashbacks.

i know that it took me quite a long time to let the case of the hook, making several people unhappy during the process. sorry for that. I already took the time i needed and learned to start anew.

but yeah, since i already let things go... i certainly don't want people to remind me of what i have done. i'm human too. everybody should knows that unwanted memories are a killer. One last thing.. i can promise that all of us will have our own happy lives. i shall leave certain people alone in future so that some of them can live in happiness.

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CheRyL said...

yes, i hail the man that invented blogs. but, sammy..v all know it is nt easy to let go of the past..esp if its a 'past' v care about. but..eventually, time will heal everything and the road to healing is a long, lonely, cold one! but..fear not..you have weird people like me to tell u silly jokes. =)

and..i will continue use my blogs to scold people..if i was bigger, i'll fight with them..but im so small