Friday, January 12, 2007

she's not around anymore...

the girl who has been spending the last few months yam cha-ing with me every night has left. Oh.. my beloved Carmen. Not to forget Wei Jin as well... haha. fine, i'm being dramatic here. but the truth is, i already start to miss them after only one day. today, when me and hor yan finished working... we thought of looking for someone to yam cha. Then... we realise our yam cha kaki plus mahjong kaki has gone to the U.S. *sobs* yam cha in Steven's Corner will not be the same anymore.

at the end of the day, the people who yam cha with us are kester, sugath and choon keet. those are the guys that i haven't seen in at least one year.

wAaaaaAAAaahhhh.... i miss my girlfriend!!!

carmen: i know you'll be reading this. don't forget me k! if you wanna see my face, take out the album we made for you! until i get my lap top and webcam.. i'll see u on the monitor. hah!

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