Monday, January 08, 2007

college has started!

actually, college for me has started 2 weeks ago. but since i thought the holiday is a bit too short, plus i'm a bit too lazy. i self-declared another week of holiday. then i found that i was supposed to hand in an assignment few days back on the 2nd week of college.

what do i do?.............. wait for the night before the due date to start doing my assignment. the joke was, when i handed in my assignment to the lecturer.... she asked me: 'Are you my student?' well, Oh yes, i'm your student! it's just that i didn't attend all the first 3 classes!

know what? i think i seriously should start turning up for classes because they (lecturers) don't recognise me at all.

1 comment:

CheRyL said...

i tink u shud..and..i'l miss u wen ur not around..wer wud i throw all the rubbish if nt in ur bag/pencil box..??