Wednesday, January 17, 2007

family phobia

OMG... WTF? I just wrote one long entry on my depressing state and it made me even more depressed because blogspot said they can't process my request!

i'm not going to write out the whole thing again!!

In summary:

Today is one of the rare days i go home after college and never step out of the house the whole day/night. my father's very happy... which aids me in my request to get a supplementary card (Ok, this is the only thing about today which i'm not depressed about) However, the whole application thingy is stressing me. Citibank is fussy and strict. Maybank has bad customer service. Standard Chartered has interesting promotions but they have ugly cards. Where as RHB bank has this fee, that fee. *faint*

And my's all about my mum. she nags and nags.... the entry i wrote just now has a transcript of our conversation. bloody blogspot lost my whole entry! you see... whenever i'm at home sitting in front of the ocmputer doing my work, she'll come in and nag at irrelevant issues. About me not coming home early..that all comes down to me having to work part-time because they don't need to give me allowance anymore. i on the other hand, have to pay for streamyx, house phone, handphone bill, petrol and food. then she'll talk out this particular someone that she's not happy about.

She's stubborn and i get very annoyed... so i raise my voice. I know i'm rude most of the times but she can't seem to get it unless you repeat it a few more times. As some will know, i have super-low patience when i face issues with parents. So... i get irritated, i can't concentrate on my assignment and i get stressed and get suicidal. She still doesn't understand why i don't like to come home when i have a lot of work to do.

FROM today onwards, i am not going home when i'm rushing for assignment due dates!

Oh.. and try not to put any comments which says 'listen to your mother/it's for your own good'. i know all these... but my parents just don't rationalise.

ARGGHHHHh! Now, i'm even more stressed!

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